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Dead Truth CD Party Pack. 1 of Each CD!!

by Ether , Remembering Never , Bishop , Forty Winters , Jump The Shark , The Red Baron , Make It Reign , and Band of Mercy ,


This should cost over $80+. Yours for only $20!!!

Picture finally updated 4/4/2017 but now outdated again on 7/10/2017 as this includes Ether - There is Nothing Left for me Here. See below for exactly what you get!!

If you don't want a bunch of Vinyl Records cluttering your house, here is your chance to grab every compact disc released on DTR. You will get one of each of the following & just like always we will throw in any posters, stickers, buttons pins, download cards or other freebies we can.

DTR-003 Bishop/The Red Baron Split
DTR-004 Jump The Shark "Staring Death" CD
DTR-006 Bishop "Drugs" CD
DTR-008 Forty Winters "The Honor Campaign" CD
DTR-011 Forty Winters "Reflection" CD
DTR-012 Make It Reign "Sound Asleep As The World Burns" CD
DTR-015 Remembering Never "This Hell is Home" CD
DTR-017 Bishop Everything in Vein CD
DTR-019 Ether Human Error CD
DTR-021 Forty Winters Rotting Empire CD
DTR-023 Band of Mercy Anthology CD
DTR-025 Ether "There is Nothing Left for me Here" CD