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DTR Media Party Pack++

by Ether , Remembering Never , Bishop , Forty Winters , Everymen , Jump The Shark , The Red Baron , Alarmed , Hivemind , Make It Reign , xKingdomx , and Band of Mercy ,

$45.00 / On Sale

The only place to get one of the final copies of Remembering Never This Hell is Home 12" and Band of Mercy Rare Orange Euro press 7"

Please read as the picture is out-dated! Grab one of every DTR release in one easy to own package (God Save Us 12", and Bishop Bless the Dead 7" Vinyl, not included anymore! totally sold out!). With just one easy to make payment! We will try to hook you up with the most rare color of each vinyl. Also, expect goodies in each package like posters or stickers, buttons, patches, download cards, or any other junk we have laying around.

Included is one of each of
DTR-003 Bishop/The Red Baron Split CD
DTR-004 Jump The Shark "Staring Death" CD
DTR-005 Alarmed Self Titled 7"
DTR-006 Bishop "Drugs" CD
DTR-007 Bishop "Drugs" 12"
DTR-008 Forty Winters "The Honor Campaign" CD
DTR-009 Bishop "Asylum" 7"
DTR-010 Hivemind "Foreboding Winds" 7"
DTR-011 Forty Winters "Reflection" CD
DTR-012 Make It Reign "Sound Asleep As The World Burns" CD
DTR-013 xKingdomx "Threads" 7"
DTR-014 Everymen "When Water's Thicker Than Blood" 12 (not yet pictured)
DTR-015 Remembering Never "This Hell is Home" CD
DTR-016 Remembering Never "This Hell is Home" 12" Vinyl
DTR-017 Bishop Everything In Vein CD
DTR-018 Bishop Everything In Vein LP
DTR-019 Ether Human Error CD
DTR-021 Forty Winters Rotting Empire CD
DTR-022 Band Of Mercy 7"
DTR-023 Band Of Mercy CD
DTR-024 Ether "There is Nothing Left for me Here" 12" Vinyl
DTR-025 Ether "There is Nothing Left for me Here" CD