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DTR Vinyl Party Pack

by Remembering Never , Bishop , Everymen , Alarmed , Hivemind , and xKingdomx ,

$30.00 / On Sale

Picture is now out-dated. DTR Vinyl Only!

(God Save Us 12" and Bishop Bless the dead 7" no longer included!! Totally sold out!) We will try to hook it up with the more rare colors as well as some stickers, download cards, pins, patches or whatever we might have laying around!

DTR-005 Alarmed Self Titled 7"
DTR-007 Bishop "Drugs" 12"
DTR-009 Bishop "Asylum" 7"
DTR-010 Hivemind "Foreboding Winds" 7"
DTR-013 xKingdomx "Threads" 7"
DTR-014 Everymen "When Water's Thicker Than Blood" 12" (Not yet shown)
DTR-016 Remembering Never "This Hell is Home" 12" Vinyl
DTR-018 Bishop Everything In Vein 10" Vinyl
DTR-022 Band of Mercy 7"
DTR-024 Ether "There is Nothing Left for me Here" 12"